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Littlest Angels Nursery & Preschool
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Licensed by the State of Colorado
First Interviews are scheduled
Tuesday and Thursday
at 6:00 p.m.
This is done for the safety of the children already in

Appointments are required so please call in advance.
Child Care Specially Designed Just for your child's unique requirements!
Effective September 2020, Littlest Angels Nursery will be expanding
its format.

Our nursery will be including a Play Based Academic Preschool
Program written for children 18 months and up. This style of learning
for children ages 6 months - 5 years of age has been proven to be
most successful in allowing children to develop their imaginations,
logical thinking, creativity and a love for learning.

Little Scholars is our own curriculum that teaches the children social
skills and manners, to care for themselves through proper diet and
exercise, learn to care for our earth and each other.

They will continue to learn their basic academics and skills needed
to enter school with confidence. We have also incorporated STEM
into our program to help each child develop a strong base for future
learning in each of these areas.

Our program will also give us the opportunity to help guide the
children to learn and appreciate the uniqueness and special
qualities of all peoples. The children are also learning to speak
Spanish as a second language. A lot has gone into this program,
most of which we have been working with since we first opened our
doors 25 + years ago. We are now going to combine it all into our
daily activities.
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